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“…in a remote Mexican village, while still in bed, I would hear the water boiling on the rustic wooden stove; a rich, delicious smell of coffee would follow right after; I couldn’t help but get up half awake, half asleep and head straight to the kitchen. It was heaven to grab a hot mug of café con leche, freshly made by mamá, every morning…” With this gratifying and vivid memory of my adolescent years, the idea of Café Amor & Art came about and stayed alive through time. 

Today, it is a small family business that offers great specialty coffee and food. Wonderfully, promotes Mexican art and culture with its cozy and happy gallery sections. 

If you are strolling around the neighbourhood, we would love for you to visit us to check out our books, our artisanal jewellery and pottery. Café Amor & Art is the place to bright up your day, to feel good, to be inspired; to reconnect with yourself, your friends, and your community while you enjoy a rewarding cup of coffee.

Café Amor & Art, where your senses come around.


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Did you know?

for coffee lovers

The word coffee comes from the Arabic “qahhat album” and means “wine from the grain”.

Every day in the world, between 1,600 and 2 billion cups are drunk. 65% are taken in the morning.

It can improve physical performance. According to studies, caffeine plays a role in supplying energy for better physical performance, it can also reduce pain after training and the feeling of muscle fatigue during the last few minutes of exercise.


Stressed, blessed and coffee obsessed.

Espresso yourself


Stay grounded


Better latte than ever


Take life one cup at a time


Take time to smell the coffee


If life gives you beans, make coffee


Coffee and friends make the perfect blend


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Whether you are looking for a cozy place to enjoy a cup of coffee or to learn about Latin culture and language, Café Amor & Art will ensure that your visit be pleasant, fun, and relaxed; what are you waiting for?

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  • 1464 Ottawa St. Windsor, On, N8X 2G2
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